New warehouse for Gamma

Gamma creates the first smart warehouse of its kind in Europe


roject Focus:  Gamma creates the first smart warehouse of its kind in Europe
Completion Date:  June 2018
Client:  Gamma Illumination
Location:  Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK
Contractor:  Adamco Ltd
Luminaires:  Custom designed warehouse luminaires from Gamma Illumination 


Project Focus: 

Based in the North of England, Gamma Illumination is a rapidly growing designer and manufacturer of low energy lighting solutions.  In 2015 it made steps to secure its long term future and addressed the need to increase its production, warehousing and office space by a purchasing a plot of land, measuring in excess of 4 acres, adjacent to its current head office location.

Shortly after planning permission was granted work started on the first stage of the £8 million project and consisted of a new warehouse, office space and car park.  To give an idea of scale, Gamma’s existing factory and car park fit easily inside the warehouse alone.

As the build neared completion, the focus turned to the interior and the warehouse lighting requirements in particular.  In keeping with the rest of the build and Gamma’s ethos, there was a need for the luminaires to be innovative, cutting edge and aesthetically pleasing whilst being fit for purpose.  A high output luminaire was required that could effectively and efficiently light the large warehouse environment.  It would need to provide good control over light distribution in order to illuminate the racking and aisle floors, whilst flexibility and ease of installation would also be a key factor to cater for any future changes in layout.

Without a suitable luminaire in its existing product range, Gamma turned to the lighting market to look for a solution, only to find that most luminaires were high bay commodity fittings, offered limited control over light distribution and only offered wired controls systems.

Following this research there was only one thing to do, Gamma turned to its NPD team and tasked it with designing and developing its own luminaire that would address all of the requirements to provide the perfect solution for the project.

Project solutions

With the support of its established component partners, the team worked tirelessly to research and explore the various control systems available, including dimming, DALI and Bluetooth technology and assessed new and innovative options to meet the requirements of the brief.

Following this process, Gamma opted to partner with Philips who was about to launch its brand new wireless high bay system.  The integration of this in the luminaire would allow Gamma to create a smart warehouse that would provide easy setup, commissioning and control using a smart phone app - so no additional wiring would be required.  Zones could be easily reconfigured to accommodate future layout changes whilst wireless communication between luminaires would ensure that only areas in use or those without sufficient natural daylight would be fully illuminated in order to reduce energy consumption.

The luminaire itself was designed and built to provide high output illumination that would effectively and efficiently light the large warehouse environment whilst providing excellent control over light distribution to illuminate the racking and aisle floors.  The finished luminaire incorporated the Philips Xitanium sensor ready driver, Fortimo LED Line and the wireless EasyAir high bay sensor, eliminating the need for additional control wiring.  Whilst the specially designed optics competently addressed the distribution requirements set out in the brief.

To provide added flexibility, ease of installation and facilitate any future changes to the layout of the warehouse, the luminaires incorporated suspension wires and plug and socket connectivity. 

Out of the 88 luminaires installed, 45 feature self-test emergency lighting which is provided by the Philips Trust Sight LED emergency system.  In addition, the luminaires have been configured into 14 groups to detect presence in specific aisles so that the luminaires don’t need to be 100% illuminated 24/7, therefore maximising energy savings.

Control of the whole system is fully automated or operated manually using one wireless switch per group, ensuring it was quick and easy to integrate and saved on installation costs when compared to a wired system.


Project results

The new facility will enable Gamma to continue its plans for growth while maintaining its exceptional high standards of customer service and industry leading production times, which its customers have come to expect.

Andrew Nixon, Design Director at Gamma Illumination, commented:  “We are delighted with the results of the bespoke warehouse luminaires and are proud to have created the first smart warehouse of its kind in Europe.  The Philips’ team were influential in the success of this project and provided support at every stage of the design process.

“This project is a great example of how our highly skilled NPD Team can innovate quickly when presented with a challenge.  They always ensure they fully understand the requirements of the project before liaising with our partners to establish and deliver the best solution for the application.”

Following this project Gamma launched Raptor, the industrial luminaires used in this project.

If you have a lighting challenge and would like to discuss it with the team please call Gamma on +44 (0)1924 482777.