Durable elegance

Duro AFG is a stylish professional IP65 and IK10 rated wall or ceiling mounted LED luminaire

With a curved, contemporary appearance, AFG is a stylish professional IP65 and IK10 rated wall or ceiling mounted LED bulkhead providing homogeneous illumination.

Its IK10 rating coupled with its anti-tamper options makes the AFG an ideal vandal resistant solution for areas such as exterior stairways, building facades and car parks.

It is powered with Tridonic technology and housed in a durable TP(a) certified polycarbonate body and diffuser with matching twist and lock trim.

Options include:

Backlight halo effect (pictured right)
Creates a subtle glow around the trim to enhance visual appeal.

Anti-tamper features
With two anti-tamper options available, Duro AFG is a product not to be messed with!
Opt for the concealed option and/or the black steel anti-tamper trim.

Available with SwitchDIM, DALI or DSI.

Sensor on/off and sensor dim (10/100%) offer the possibility of a significant reduction in energy costs.

Integral Emergency
Reduce costs and optimise the aesthetics of the application by having the emergency lighting integral within the luminaire.

Anti-microbial enclosure
Possessing an agent that kills micro-organisms or inhibits its growth, the anti-microbial enclosure option makes Duro AFG ideal for all public places such as schools, hospitals and care homes where prevention of MRSA and E.COLI is paramount.

Whether it resemble a Chameleon blending into its surroundings or a Peacock vibrantly displaying its splendour, Duro AFG is available in any RAL colour. Reduced or specific lumen outputs, as well as alternative connection systems are just a few examples of other variations that are available.