A Mini Downlight Evolution

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The New Quinto Range

Throughout our proud 23 year history, the circular downlight has been central to our range. After all, the Gamma name is synonymous with the downlight.

While our circular downlights continue to be developed with the latest technological innovations and LED generations, we’ve continued to evolve our offering to meet the current trend for discreet lines of light by introducing Quinto, a stylish range of miniature linear downlights.

These aesthetically pleasing and contemporary luminaires encapsulate minimalist design as well as delivering in terms of performance and practicality.  Quinto offers stylish versions of five or ten optics, in fixed or adjustable versions and whilst providing maximum visual comfort from the low glare baffle - UGR 14.7, it is also available with a luminaire efficacy up to 105 llm/W to meet the requirements for ECA compliance.

Super-fin aluminium heatsink
Super-fin aluminium heatsink

With quality, as well as value in mind, Quinto offers Ra 80 as standard, with the option to upgrade to Ra 90, making it ideal for applications such as retail environments where high colour rendering is paramount.

By utilising the narrow beam option, Quinto is an ideal solution for creating atmospheric pools of light and contrast between lit and dark areas, a feature which makes it ideal for application in social environments such as restaurants and bars.

In addition, a choice of colour temperatures, highly efficient white baffles, dimming, Bluetooth connectivity and emergency options are available.

The possibilities with this product don’t end there however. Why not consider utilising our product variations service to have the product modified to your specific requirements?

Call us to discuss your requirements - +44(0)1924 482777.  Or visit the product pages for more information:

AFE - Fixed and Trimless

AFF - Adjustable





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Call us to discuss your requirements - +44 (0)1924 482777. Or visit the product pages for more information:

AFE - Fixed and Trimless

AFF - Adjustable