Manchester Airport

Helping Manchester Airport reduce its energy costs

Project  | Manchester Airport
Location  | Manchester
Client | Manchester Airports Group Plc
Luminaires  | Sysion RE and Sysion MF

MAG serves 42 million passengers and handles almost half a million tonnes of air freight every year through its ownership and operation of London Stansted, Manchester, East Midlands and Bournemouth airports.

Manchester Airport has a positive and committed approach to corporate responsibility including reducing carbon emissions and energy costs.  It was this commitment that led to the new lighting scheme in Terminal 1 and 2.

Project requirements

The project started with a full energy efficiency drive covering many building services including HVAC.  This in turn led onto the lighting scheme, where it was established that considerable energy savings could be made.

Controllability was a key factor in the project, especially at the arrivals gates, where light levels were constantly at 100% even when no passengers were present.  M.A.G was keen to introduce lighting controls that would allow for better controllability and to realise further cost savings by reducing light levels when appropriate.

The first to be completed was the Terminal 2 building, which required a major overhaul.  The scheme was then installed in Terminal 1 to provide uniformity and consistency throughout the area.

The overall requirements of the lighting scheme was to improve passenger comfort whilst using the airports facilities, increase energy efficiency, comply with safety requirements and enhance the general feel and aesthetics of the project areas.

Project solutions

After conducting quality trials with products from the top three lighting suppliers selected, Gamma’s Sysion RFRE and Topaz Micro FIT luminaires were chosen for their energy saving qualities, range of lumen outputs, which provided the required lux levels under the various ceiling heights, and provided an aesthetically pleasing design.

Each fitting was installed with a DALI driver which allowed them to be integrated into the airports building management system and could be programmed into the intelligent lighting controls to allow the lights to be dimmed down when nobody is present in an area and increase the light output when the area is in use.

In total over 3000 Gamma luminaires were installed in the Terminal 1 building.

Project results

Andy Sheridan, Services Facilities Manager at Manchester Airport, commented:  “The Gamma luminaires chosen for the lighting refurbishment work in the public areas provided a high quality and cost effective solution that not only significantly reduced energy consumption it also improved the overall aesthetics within each location. 

“We are delighted with the results of the project and the support we have had from Gamma Illumination.”